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Thursday, December 08, 2005

How I got my new Compaq laptop and saved a bundle

So here's the story. I had almost talked myself out of buying the laptop of choice because of the cost and the timing, being that its just before Christmas and all. I had decided that I would not buy it and would not mention it again unless the BSU gave me a specific go-ahead signal. Upon arriving home after school last night and sitting down to a steaming bowl of homemade lentil soup and cornbread, the first thing the BSU asked was if we were going out afterwards to buy my computer.

So, I considered that my go-ahead signal... We did go to CompUSA, down in Salt Lake and I only got lost twice getting around the intersection at 2100 South. I found the laptop section and the model I wanted, the Compaq V2404US was not on display. Hmm. I used one of the laptops on display to double-check the model number I wanted while waiting for a helpful store clerk to assist me. When one of the mostly hidden clerks did appear and I explained what I wanted, he assured me that they did have the machine and that the price was marked down as displayed on this page. Note that the price of $724.99 is after the "instant savings" and the mail-in rebate.

So I bought the laptop and the 2 year maintenance agreement and the wireless router. And the clerk insisted that the cashier manually discount the scanned price of $904.99 down to the $724.99 price...

I still have a mail-in rebate for $180!

And another mail-in rebate for $30 for the router. The helpful clerk even "comped" me a stack of 100 CD-Rs for agreeing to buy the maintenance agreement.

I think I got a good deal!

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